Friday, March 26, 2010


What's up peeps? How have you guys been? For me life was as normal as it can be. I was quite busy with work lately. With all those functions tagging me along for the whole month but it is better to have work to do rather than none. Nothing much can be updated here. I just want to share a funny story bout my baby daughter who refuse to have another baby sister or baby boy. Me and hubby was planning to have an additional members of the family but she was reluctant with the whole baby idea. Every time the subject was brought up she will be angry and started to cry. Biasalah kan anak bongsu memang manja semacam.Now she know the whole set of the alphabet, she will love to spell every words that she saw but the funny thing is she wont even know what are the words. For example, every time she saw the KELUAR signboard she will spell it and pronounce it as pergi jamban. I dont even know where she get all those funny ideas. Others are like TOSHIBA will become komputer mama because that is the brand of lappy. NIKE become topi papa. There's one time she spelled SUZUKI it become kereta. Sangat-sangat lucu anak itu. She was like the clown in the family. Never failed to make us laugh!!

A note for myself having another baby (praying hard for a boy) would be a bonus for me!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Layout...Again!

Just change my layout again. I like it this time coz it looks very refreshing..don't you guys think so?