Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Wednesday Rojak Story

Hubby went for traveling today and most probably will only come back this Friday. Miss him so much already...i hate it every time he has to travel. I don't like to be apart from him :-(. My mum in law will go to do her Umrah today for about 2 weeks. Manage to talk to her last nite. Insya Allah semua akan berjalan dengan lancar. Kami akan sentiasa mendoakan mama. Me and my hubby sempat lagi pesan to buy some souvenir for us. We ask for jubah. Hope she can find 1 that can suit me. Iman is still in Bintulu. I ask my sis to bring her back since my sis will come to Miri this weekend but according to her, mum wants Iman to stay a bit longer. I'm thinking of bringing her back next week. I miss her so much already. I know that her little sister miss her so much too. No friends to play and fight with. Speaking of fighting, I notice that they argue and fight a lot this day. Most of the time they punch and scream at each other. Cant u guys believe it? They are still very2 young but fight like older people. I don't even know how to settle the problem sometimes. Even if we bought the same toys for them (same colors, same figure, every single thing is sama) they will still fight over it. Kids!! Anyhow..I still love them very very much...they are the apple of my eyes, they my life and my soul. I can't imagine how can i live without that two naughty pretty cute big eyes long lashes talkative babies of mine. Mmmuahhhh cayang taduak bucuk ya....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Work Stress

in a MESS

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sesungguh aku rasa teramat lah lapar di saat ini TETAPI aku sikda daya usaha yang mebolehkan aku untuk masok ke dapor dan masak. Aku benar benar lapar. Lapar sampe ke tahap nok aku sik dapat nak explain lagik. Aku lapar gilak gilak dan untuk kesekian kali nya aku nang udah terlalu lapar!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Half Way.....

Due to the overload work that i had in the office i think that im having some kind of memory lost. I tend to be forgetful almost all of the time. Sometimes i even give the wrong info to my boss. My boss must be really pelik when i keep giving her the wrong info. Like yesterday for instead, me and hubby went home for lunch, just as we arrive in front of my house i suddenly remember that i left the key in my handbag in the office. How stupid is that??

The preparation for the graduation is going on smoothly. Me and my colleague manage to do 60% of the preparation already. Less than 2 weeks the big day will come. What i really like about our staff in Maxcel is eventhough we face some big serious problem but still we can have fun. Tease each other, laugh together like a bunch of crazy people. The innocent victim will be either our aunty or Josephine. they always say you need to have fun in your work. Cant be to serious all the time. Im to tired today, will go to bed early. 630 but I ngantok already. Yawnnn....

Miss my baby so much...windu lah mama ngan iman :-(

**The baby went traveling again leaving the mom all alone at home....

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today we just discovered that our banner had been torn in the middle. Look like the person use a penknife to do it. I don't understand why certain people think that by doing vandalism to the property they can solve all the problem. What an immature way of thinking. Doing that will not solve anything or make things any better. I seriously don't understand why. Face the problem!! This is what we call PENGECUT! Don't dare to face the problem. The banner has nothing to do with anyone. Be a man!! DAMN!!!!!