Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lazy Me...

I haven't been updating my blog for quite sometime now. Actually i don't have time to blog since i got this job. Everyday i'm too tired to do anything when i come back from work. Heheheheheh lazy me!!! Nothing much happen actually but we manage to rent a new house. What i really love about the new place is, it takes only 2 minutes to go to my office. The place is not as big as our previous house but it is just nice and the rental is much much more cheaper than before so we can save a lot of money from it. Thanks to my dad who had been very helpful to us in arranging the house and everything. Thanks pak! Love you! Work is another good thing.My colleagues are a bunch of the nicest people that i have ever met. I like and enjoy working with them. This week a had tons of work to do. With the exam result coming out, new intake registration and the orientation week. Haahahahahah my house is still very messy, and I'm still waiting for our new bedroom set to come. Do you realize that i really dont have any idea what am I crapping about?? Better stop now before you get bored reading about this crappy post...LOL!!!

p/s: This thank you also goes to my sis & brother for helping us moving and cleaning the house. Thanks guys!!!