Saturday, August 15, 2009

Off Day

Today I was on leave, permission given by the big boss because of the late arrival last night. Woke up at about 9 am coz my mum call me just to check how I was doing. Told her that I was not in the office so she ask me to just go back to sleep. So good of her! The girls are already up & was watching cartoon. Play with them for a while & go back to sleep till about 1 pm. Its been a very long time that I slept till that hours. I planned on doing some spring cleaning & rearranging the furniture. Manage to throw away a few old things that is for sure will not be used again. Going out for lunch at about 2 pm. After coming back continue with the cleaning till 630 pm. Take a quick shower & straight away went to the hotel as I was on MOD tonight. The funny thing is, they actually ask one of my collegue to replace me but I do not know anything about it. Since I was already at the hotel so I told him that I will continue doing the MOD. Have our dinner at the coffehouse & hubby came to pick me up at 10 pm. Tommorow will continue cleaning some part of the house again & might go out to shoot a few pictures in the evening but dont know where yet. Will see hows things going tommorow. Good nite peeps!