Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Back!!

Hai there peeps!!

Ya ya I know its been a veeeerrrrryyyy long time since I post sumthing in the blog. I must admit that I'm to lazy to do so. Why is that?? Maybe becoz my life routine is so normal that I have nothing to talk about. What had been happening lately? I finally got my driving license last July, got my own car last October, been working with the hotel for a year since last December, addicted to photo-taking, addicted to facebook, what else?? Work?? Is as normal as it can be only more pressure each day but I'm still trying to push my self to do the best. Yalah, takkan setakat nak pegang title BDE je kan, of coz I'm aiming for a better post so I need to work extra hard & extra smart to achieve that. The kids? They are doing good. Both is still in their kindy. Iman in level 3 while Scha is in level 2. Next year Iman will be in primary 1. Thinking of sending her to the new nearby school. Which only took me about 2 minutes to reach the school from home. Registration will only open up on 1st March this year. Harap-harap boleh lah masuk. The family? They're doing fine as well. Parents is here almost every single week. The sister is still having a couple of month to go before graduating from the KPLI. The brother is still pushing his ass up to graduate from the foundation programme this June. The husband? Has a new passion which is photo-taking & photo-editing, weight-gaining (really...his tummy is getting bigger & bigger...hahaha). Friends?? What can I say about them. Two words, crazy & crazier each day!!! Beside that nothing much...only that I have a few plan for myself this year. Hopefully I can fulfill some of it before the end of the year and the best thing ever happened to me last year is....saya sudah kurus!!! I manage to loose a few kilos without any extra effort in doing so which is a big bonus for me. Sekarang ni kena hilangkan sikit je lagi lemak-lemak tepu di paha tu then it will be perfect!!.Amin Amin.Alright folks..till we meet again in my next post which I do not know when will it till then..adios!!