Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hai guys! How was your CNY holiday? Mine? Well..the parents was here since Saturday so most of the time was spent going out to the mall & eat. On the 1st day of CNY we went to my BIL house at Ladang Kosa. It took us about an hour to reach that place. Had a late lunch there. Tapau from Marybrown. We chit chat, watch tv, eat again, took picture then we went home. To make a long story short, basically all I do during the holiday was related to food. I noticed that lately my appetite was like crazy. So takut of getting fat but I'm sure not afraid of eating. Crazy me! Since it was quite a long holiday so work today was so so. Felt so lazy to woke up this morning. left the house at about 7.45 am, send the kids to school. Had breakfast with hubby and his friend but I totally did not enjoyed my food becoz of the stomachace. Arrive at the hotel at 8.30. Clearing some of the unsettled work. Had 2 appoinment in the morning. Went out for lunch with Ben & Lina. Continue doing my work again. Went back at 4.15 coz I was on MOD tonite. Take quick bath & iron my cloth. Went out again to pick up hubby & the kids. Had an early dinner at SCR. Going back and relax for a while. Off to work again & now sitting in the coffeehouse alone after finishing a bowl of the super delicious cantonese fried kuay tiaw waiting for my time to go home. Thats basically how was my day like for today. Cant wait to go home and SLEEP. I miss my pillow so much. Till then, nite nite peeps!