Thursday, April 1, 2010


I don't know what was wrong with me lately. I keep on seeing things wrongly. For example, last three days ago I was looking for my colleague Daphne and was very sure that she was standing by the fax machine. So with the confidence I went to the fax machine and keep on calling her name, sekali it was not Daphne who was standing there. It was my other colleague Lina. And this morning again, I went to the reception counter to get the payment receipt form the receptionist. I swear to God I saw no one standing behind the counter except Nigel. I was not that fond in talking to Nigel so I went to the back office to get the receipt from someone else. Victoria was asking me, resit ada kat depan, kan ada sya kan depan ya and I replied her, ne ada only nigel bah standing kan depan ya. Then both of us when to the front and there she was Sya, standing next to Nigel. Both of them was laughing at me. Vic was saying, besar-besar ada ajak Sya kau sik nangga nya. When you watch too much of medical series like Grey's Anatomy, you will have the wild imagination that something is wrong with your brain. Kan cerita Grey ya selalu ada kisah macam ya. Someone jadi weird just because the have tumor in their brain. It is scary you know. I better stop right now, too much negative thinking will affect my day badly. Adios!!


Jeff Syiru said...

ya lah ktk, nangga grey ya ajak2... i tgh molah keja d umah pun u madah i sik molah keja... bukan salah i... hahaha

Daphne Chai said...

apuhh. ok ka kamu? rehat la betul betul .. jangan jeff sudah bagi kamu duit bulan kamu cakap tak ada. haha.

Anonymous said...


Maria de Jesus said...

Wow... I am pretty flighty most of the time, but I don't imagine people that are not there. I think it is time you take LONG VACATION!

On another note, I enjoy reading your blogs. I will subscribe to them.

Have a wonderful day.... or night.