Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maximum Limit

Aiyyakkk...I got lots of works to be done ASAP but I seem like dont know how to do it. Not dat i dunno how it is just like at this moment I dont feel like doing anything. Now Im dragging & forcing myself to do it. I need to finish up all the practical attachment application very soon. This month we are going to have lots of activities. The Institute are organizing an open house this Saturday. This open house is one of the strategy to promote the Institute to public. The marketing department are pulling all their effort to make this open day successful. But my mind are not really into it. All i can think of now is about the application, Im afraid that I cant make it on time. Need to motivate myself. I know I can & I will make it before this week ends....arghhhhhh!

"Time waits for no man....dont ever let it past you by without cherishing every single moment you have"