Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unlucky Me

I was so unlucky today. First the PC that i use in the office suddenly 'rosak' yesterday and i ask someone to repair it today. The technician told me the mainboard need to be replaced, so as the RAM and one more thing dat i cant even recall until now. Do you know how much it cost to change all of it....almost RM600. WTF...for only 3 items we need to pay for that much. My boss is going to be really mad. Told the hubby bout it and he was so shock to hear the price as well. In that case better i ask for a new set of PC but i know that it is impossible for me to do it since the bosses are away for quite sometime. I'm so doomed. Blame the stupid USB cable that cause all of this uninvited trouble. Feel like crying and I'm so stress out now. I dunno what else to do, like it or not still we need to replaced the mainboard. Otherwise no work can be done around here. In the time like this i really hope that i can turn back the time. Only if i do not plug in the USB cable yesterday.Waaaaaaa........wat to do, wat to do???? Tolonglahhhhh..............