Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All In A Days Work Pt 2

Yesterday the boss informed me that I don't have to be get involved with the graduation dinner anymore. He wants me to concentrate only the ceremony so i passed it to my other colleague to handle the task. But for me actually I do can handle both events. I know that i will crack myself later or sooner but I like to work in that kind of environment. Like i said before i work best under pressure, always. We just had a meeting with the committee this afternoon. The meeting went quite well. We restructure all the programme for that night again but this time Alex said no more changes after this. This is the final. It should be though. Its hard to do things when we keep on changing things over and over again. what else i do today?? So some quotation, letter and some other stuff. Got to stay back again tonight. Still waiting for the payday. Tomorrow i need to reorganize my work again. I dont want to miss anything. I want my job to be perfect. I want everything to be perfect.