Saturday, July 26, 2008

All In A Days Work!

Lot of things happen in the office lately. Where should i start?? okay let me start wif the badminton tournament. Maxcel is supposed to join the Karnival Sukan Harapan 2008 on this coming August. We have selected 10 students to participate in the tournament. Been practicing for a few times since the beginning of this month if I'm not mistaken but unfortunately, under an unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel everything. The students we unhappy wif the situation and it give me migraine when they voice out what they feel about the things that had happened. I'm so sorry that things did not happen the way that we have planned but things are out of my control. I really wish that we could go but...i have nothing more to say against this one. Then come to the graduation part. Until today things are keep on changing. Change here, change there, not even one thing have been done yet. I finish wif all the invitation letter but still stuck wif the invitation card. I gave it to my boss already but he hadn't giving me any feedback yet. So far we have lots of ideas on how to make the event more better than the previous one. Did I mention that we have to handle two events on the same day. Morning will be the graduation ceremony and the graduation dinner will be in the evening. The graduation falls on the fourth day of the fasting month. I'm very sure that it'll be a hectic day. I just wish that I'll manage to prepare everything and hope things will go on smoothly....