Thursday, July 31, 2008

All In A Days Work Pt 3

Today the we had a short briefing with the boss regarding bout the task delegation among staff during the ceremony. Nearly pengsan when i see the checklist. Faiza Faiza Faiza all the way until the last page. Someore, i'll be the emcee for the ceremony. I just want to try it out, who knows i might have talent in emceeing. Actually the boss did offer me before but i refuse to do it. Then when i think about it i just convince myself to give it a shot. Who knows rite? Alex will be the other emcee. Hahahaha hopefully the two of us not going to be crazy on the stage. We tease shin that we will purposely pronounce her name wrong or just simply called others name when her turn to go up the stage. Sure be very very funny if things like that happen. I did half of my task already. Will start sending out the letter by tomorrow. with the help of the other two of my good friend things will run smoothly. Like we said, the three of us were the 'pekerja yang berkaliber'. Ahakk...perasan betol!!