Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Test Your Stress Level

The picture shown are non-animated pictures. They are used to relate to your pressure level . If you see them moving , then that means you have pressure. The speed of the movement is the level of your pressure. Most chidren and old men only see static pictures and not moving. If you see the pattern moving in a slow motion, that means you have a bit pressure at this moment . Test yourself with these pictures to know yourself better. Sometimes, it is good to have an appropriate pressure to push us to do better, but too much pressure can push us to the end of the edge resulting in sickness. Please calm yourself if you see those patterns moving fast.


Pavel said...

Nice effect - it's moving like crazy! However, I don't believe that there really is some kind of pressure to speed relation.

I guess it has something to do with how your eyes move over the page. If you try to stop moving your eyes and focus just on a single point, then you realize, it stops moving. :)

Check this out:
(valid for one month since now)

I found it somewhere on the net. That's really crazy.

Anonymous said...