Tuesday, February 5, 2008

White Sauce

Tonite I decided to cook spaghetti for dinner so we went out to buy some food supplies. When we got there I was about to grab the usual sauce when my hubby suddenly said why don't we try something new & we agreed to try on the cheese & mushroom sauce. When we got home, I went straight to the kitchen & prepared all the ingredients. Then I ask my hubby to cook the sauce becoz my favorite show was on at the moment. He then suddenly came out of the kitchen & ask me "is this ok with you?". It was a white sauce & I do have problem with any white sauces (I don't know why). So thats it!! End of story...I will not eat anything that had white sauces in it. I told my hubby that next time don't bother to try something that we dont familiar with, just stick to the usual thing. I was piss off because I was so damn hungry & I end up eating fried egg with rice instead!!!